Partners Program

Remember this is a Community Service. We have a mission to provide best online learning to everyone, and very special to the Third World countries. We offer paid certifications only to support our mission and being able to help more people. So, before going ahead to become a Partner, make sure you share our mission and values.

Our Cloud-based Learning Platform is inline with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #4 Quality Education: ensure inclusive and equitative quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

Here you can find how we can collaborate together:

How much does it cost to be a Partner?

  • Becoming a Partner is FREE, if you join in as an Individual (Option 1).

What are the requirements to be a Partner?

  • There aren’t requirements. You can start today.

How can we collaborate together in Online Learning projects?

  • Option 1: for Individuals – FREE for you. You sell to your students the certification exam, and you place backorders to us (we sell the vouchers to you, and you send them to your students). Students take their course at
  • Option 2: for Companies – For only $500 as Entry Fee and $197/month we will create a “white label” Cloud-based Learning Platform for you (see example1, example2). This “white label” platform is intended to provide corporate training (bulk enrollment of students to the platform). You sell Certifications to companies and you provide us a list of students to enroll in the courses. We usually provide Courses for FREE, and we only charge for Certification. In case you want to charge learners for the Course, you must include the Certification Exam in your price. In that case, we will include a fully automatic payment system in your platform, so that your learners can pay to you their Certification Course with PayPal and creditcard (Stripe), and you will pay us 50% of the course sales income. In both cases, you will require to place Certification Exam backorders to us.

…I like Option 2, but I don’t have budget

  • You can start with option 1, and once you have budget move to option 2.

How does the Partners Program work?

  • Courses are FREE, and certification exams cost $497 (transaction doesn’t happen in the platform, but in the Examination platforms).
  • You sell students the exam for only $197 (they will pay to you). And you will buy me the vouchers for only $97. You earn $100 in each transaction.
  • As a Partner, you will have your “Partner Discount Code” to use in your checkout cart in order to buy exams for your students (for only $97).

How can I have a referral program for my students? (“bring your friends” campaigns)

  • You can offer to your students to bring you more students, and they will earn $50 and you $50. So that you can create a multi-tier referral program.
  • You will earn $100 for your direct students, and $50 for your student’s referrals (“bring your friends” campaigns).
  • In your referral network, I will be only selling certification exams to you (for only $97).

How can I make it more legitimate to my students?

How can I get students?

  • You can organize Meetups, create webinars with, WhatsApp groups, LinkedIn groups, Facebook groups, Telegram channels, YouTube videos, share it in social networks, publish blog posts, contact directly to schools, companies, colleagues, friends, place ads …be original.

Can I have exclusivity in my area?

  • No, the same conditions apply to everyone who wants to join our Partners Program.
  • The program is open to everyone because opportunities available are limitless.

Can you sell me only your curriculum/course contents?

  • No, we don’t sell our curriculum or course contents, we provide you with a complete Cloud-based Learning Platform (CLP) as a service.

Can I use my own domain name and branding in Option 2?

  • Yes of course. In case you already own a domain name, you can use it. We will create your “white label” learning platform with your logo and branding, and you will only need to point from your current domain registrar (GoDaddy, NameCheap, etc.) to the new DNS that we will provide to you. This way, you will keep ownership of your domain name and branding.

Do I need an Educational Technology Team or Technical Team?

  • No, you don’t need that. You only need a Sales Team (or do it as an individual).

What do partners get from the $997 (or $597 time-limited offer) one-time Unlimited Exams fee?

  • We offer in our website unlimited certificates (including MBA) for only $597 as a special offer. Regular price is $997, this is the maximum price. We know this is very cheap, our mission is making education available for everyone. So, you should also charge students with $997, and buy us the unlimited access for only $597. You will earn $400 in each sale.

What do partners get from the $97 (or $39 scholarship) monthly subscription?

  • $25, one time.
  • Take into account that in this case you can’t sell them and then ask us for exam vouchers. The user needs to make the transaction in our platform, and then you request us your sale commission.

Can a company subscribe to a monthly subscription?

  • Yes, you can do it as an individual or as a company (a company needs as many individual accounts as learners).

How many courses/exams can a person per month do in the monthly subscription?

  • Unlimited. And there is no minimum period.

Great …so how can we begin?

  • You can begin marketing one of our certification exams with free online course. Once you find people interested in taking the exam, let them know that purchasing the exam directly to you will safe them $300. You can use many methods to get paid, one of the easiest is (give your link to your customers, place it in websites, blog posts, social media, Google or Facebook Ads, etc.). In case you go to Option 2, the “white label” Cloud-based Learning Platform will include a payment system to get paid via PayPal and creditcard (Stripe).
  • Once you get paid, you will purchase us with your “Partner Discount Code” the certification exam in our website for only $97 and you will provide it to your student.
  • In case you are a trainer or school, you can also provide us an Excel with all the students to get registered in the Examination platform.
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