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Cashier's checks have a particularly fast turnaround because the canadian renter expected to work with students from other countries and so wasn't fazed by slightly unusual behavior "this is what, a cashier from louisiana united states has been given a car by a local car dealer after her story of walking 6 miles to work circulated online anita singleton of slidell works as a walmart cashier.

Lester watson began ringing up customers some 40 years ago at a five and dime store before he landed a job at hutzler's the longtime baltimore department store he wrote up sales tickets by hand at, customers at a cafe in kansas are getting an extra dose of cuteness with their morning coffee thanks to the three week old baby accompanying his mom to work as a cashier macee hoffman just recently. A walmart cashier who would brave dangerous louisiana roads to walk six miles to work was presented with a brand new car after her local community learned of her long commute slidell police officer, eva vazquez was at a bus stop on wilshire boulevard on the way to work as a cashier at a discount store near macarthur park when her phone rang "i knew it was probably him " she said it was.

A 27 year old redwood city woman won't serve any time in prison for holding her newborn baby facedown in a toilet moments after giving birth at a mcdonald's restaurant restroom more than a year and a