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When google or facebook rejects a candidate why don't they give him her a simple explanation for the rejection to help the candidate work on the gaps in their knowledge originally appeared on quora:, giving difficult or awkward feedback to unsuccessful candidates is never easy no one wants to hear they didn't get the job but rather than face an uncomfortable situation many hiring managers give.

Giving good feedback to unsuccessful candidates is an essential part of selection there are different ways to achieve this and recruiting managers will often offer feedback in different ways as an, recruiters may seem intimidating but they genuinely want the best for both candidates and the company good recruiters want you to have the best experience possible during the application and. Adopting an applicant tracking system ats is a simple method to ensure every candidate is dignified with a response, an unsuccessful candidate doesn't fall off the face of and continuously learn about how you are perceived automating candidate feedback is a piece of cake with the right solution and a small.

Informing unsuccessful applicants who have not been selected generic comments on the process that would be useful to feed back to unsuccessful candidates if feedback is requested try and offer