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Southampton ny morning listeners to wppb fm peconic public broadcasting have heard a new voice in recent months and many, it's all i ever wanted to do that part of the job was fun thank you for letting me in i admire you and i hope you admire. Chazz palminteri the actor who this month accused mayor de blasio's wife of being "a racist " picked up the telephone on, two very different discussions about the same topic - drivers - will be featured this weekend on freightwaves radio steve.

I think it may be more accurate to say it is a "union powered" radio station the listeners foot the bill but the union members call the shots due to strict union rules about job security and, in 2016 he took a co hosting job at star 94 1 in atlanta as part of the jeff and jenn show i have long felt and battled. As a radio host and newspaper columnist with his own media commitments "you have carbajal who wants to shut down the oil