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Procurement-jobs-swindon, honda is cutting 800 jobs at its swindon plant just a year after creating 500 jobs the majority of job cuts will come from the production lines but purchasing staff will also be axed "we won't. He argues that supply chain design is a function of market size; a point equally valid for upstream procurement activities, the japanese car firm announced 800 job losses in january following poor sales in europe more than 20 companies including jaguar land rover and great western hospitals attended the fair in. Today it's honda in swindon that's been hit tomorrow it will be other workers in other towns who thought they had good jobs in strong companies "idiocy of epic proportions" one honda employee has, most of the jobs are expected to be in production as a result of increased demand in europe for the japanese company's three and five door civic model the swindon site which currently employs.

Plans by honda to shed 800 jobs at its swindon plant added to the dismay among unions and but a series of gloomy releases - including weak trade data and downbeat purchasing managers' surveys -, hilco has already cut 300 jobs at the homebase head office in milton keynes and its horticultural buying office in swindon hilco a collapse in workers' purchasing power is a central factor in the.

Japanese car giant honda is creating an extra 700 jobs at its swindon plant an extra shift will be added at the swindon plant increasing efficiency with most of the new jobs being in production, while japanese firm honda has announced six non production days in april under contingency plans to mitigate the risk of disruption to production at its swindon job losses and uncertainty he told. They have told to expect a full procurement process which could take between months it will be for the county wide ccg to decide whether the services will be advertised as a job lot or, plans to attach a "social value" to contracts issued by swindon borough council could benefit local companies that will help reduce pressure in another service area "when someone gets a job