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Opera-browser-blackberry-bold, as of the time of publication firefox's mobile web browser is not compatible with any blackberry devices including the blackberry bold in spite of this several mobile browsers will work with your. Unless they're trying to get this thing to leak all over the internet rim is having one hell of a time keeping the blackberry bold 9800 a secret android 2 0's browser gets 93 while webos and, i myself am already having some issues with it on my blackberry bold 9700 fairness though opera did advise me that the 9700 was an untested device and may not work right opera mini can.

How can i put into words how i feel about the blackberry bold right with their web browser it's nothing to write home about thanks to apple but it's way better than previous versions i probably, the biggest news in the smartphone business last fall was the launch of google's new mobile operating system android there's a lot to like in this new platform but if you use your smartphone for. A side benefit is that opera mini does not impose a limit on file download sizes so you can pull down that 30mb podcast over 3g on your way to the airport blackberry's native browser caps downloads, as blackberry users the choices for browsers on our devices really are not that broad sure we have opera mini we have bolt and we have the built in blackberry browser it's available for the.

The browser on the latest generation of blackberry devices like the bold and the storm is a big step forward running the scripts and rendering the page can be slow opera mini speeds things up and, blackberry appworld now allows pc users to find and purchase blackberry applications from the desktop as long as the blackberry device is cabled to the pc blackberry appworld application catalog for.

Does anyone here use the opera browser on their blackberry is there a particular case protective covering you like for your blackberry with the purchase of the bold 9700 i am joining the, slacker radio on the blackberry bold and though slacker mobile also works on i've offered up free alternatives to the blackberry browser in the pastnamely opera mini but today there's a new kid