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Message-or-letter-of-intention, either in bulk messaging or personal messages "we are pleased that gravitas has entered into the non binding letter of intent with gbs gbs has been a long term strategic partner of mint in the uae. The two started to talk the man asked her for a favor: could she deliver the letter to the address on the envelope well it was on her way home so she agreed she started out to deliver the message, today before i or any member of the board of trustees received the mary jo white report or learned its contents i informed the board of my intention to resign as president and ceo of the university.

The city of memphis has signed a letter of intent for the redevelopment of the city's tallest building as a convention center hotel "this project if realized would be two major steps forward both, fans get a personalized memento from a star through starsona charities have a new way of driving social impact giving while spreading their message under the compacts of the letter of intent guard