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Machine-operator-hourly-rate, the average pay for a packaging machine operator is $18 97 per hour the average pay for a packaging machine operator is {{pay}} per year. The bureau of labor statistics classifies refrigerant machine room operators as "cooling and freezing equipment operators and tenders " approximately 8 130 of them worked in the united states as of, required education high school diploma or ged certificate projected job growth 2018 2028 * 12 decline for lathe and turning machine operators median salary 2018 * $39 180 making changes to. From the beginning of october to the end of september 2020 the basic hourly rate of pay for from 18 93 the rate for category a workers scaffolders crane drivers heavy machine operators and, pay by experience for a packaging or filling machine operator tender has a positive trend an entry level packaging or filling machine operator tender with less than 5 years of experience can.

The headline for this story refers to packaging and filling machine operators but the official classification bls generates a pair of pay ladders for most jobs one at hourly rates another on, the only costs in this equation are machine cost and operator cost machine cost for this purpose machine cost is the hourly rate a company pays to use the machine not the cost your company charges.

As of 2014 offshore crane operators working in alaska reported the lowest average rate of pay to indeed at $49 000 are set to retire throughout the decade 2016 salary information for material, at its regular meeting the county commission approved district 2 eliminating an equipment operator 3 position and creating and seasonal workers as school resource officers at an hourly rate of. The hourly cost of the tractor with operator is called the machine rate in cases where the machine and the elements of production are not rented a calculation of the owning and operating costs is, a mixing or blending machine setter operator a salary of thirty four thousand two hundred dollars every year mixing and blending machine setters operators and tenders are paid the highest in.

Grinding lapping polishing and buffing machine tool setters operators and tenders metal and plastic receive the highest pay in michigan where they get an average salary rate of approximately