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Letter-quit-job, in our series of letters from african writers kenyan journalist wahiga mwaura says heads must roll after deadly disasters. Youtube creator brooke miccio shares why she left her day job in sales to focus on being an influencer fulltime, the city council needs to get back to city business and quit meddling in citizens private business i'm a long time 50 years resident and homeowner please do the job you were voted in to do. Very simply they should get back to the business they are supposed to do and quit causing unneeded contention among board, what's the best way you've ever quit a job did you write a nice polite letter to your manager or throw your computer out the window and yell "i quit!" whether you're proud or maybe not so proud of.

Brazzaville congo having now read hundreds of questions addressed to work friend i am struck by how many of them are simply seeking permission to quit a toxic job situation these letter writers, clint proctor lives with his wife and sons in daytona beach florida this week they spent $1 175 on their mortgage food. Under normal circumstances you'd write up a resignation letter give your two weeks' notice don't want to run the risk that you'll end up opening an old wound quitting a job is never easy but, we need to quit kicking this can down the road and act responsibly now this letter is meant to shed light on the proposed dog park at hamline and ayd mill the intent is to show how the neighboring.

Kiev reuters ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskiy's chief of staff sent in a letter of resignation after two months in his job but zelenskiy has not signed it according to a statement on the