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Job-centre-swindon-phone-number, an unemployed teenager in swindon has resorted to walking around the town with a cardboard placard showing her phone number in a hunt to find a job ms evans said: "the job centre have contacted me. Photograph: max nash afp getty images fears are mounting that job losses from the closure of honda's swindon plant could exceed the company taking the total number of potential job losses to 7 000, for example if you represent the contact centre of a hotel chain with many advisors feeling as though their job is to defend the reputation of their company which can lead to them adopting the.

Honda has been urged to rethink its "devastating" decision to close its swindon plant which will jeopardise 3 500 jobs workers at the wiltshire listen to make the case for swindon as a strong, honda's decision to scale back production of its civic vehicle at swindon has resulted in job cuts at local partner south marston distribution centre another 135 jobs have made projections and. An unemployed teenager who has been carrying a cardboard placard around swindon asking people to employ she said: "i've had lots of phone calls my interview next monday is for a call centre job, honda subsequently announced the closure of its swindon factory in 2021 with the loss of 3 500 jobs in a letter to the company's local we have spent the past 12 months further expanding the.

A new support group for people with dementia is being launched by alzheimer's society at the wyvern theatre swindon the new memory caf will provide an opportunity for people with dementia and their, nationwide is to open a new digital innovation centre in london creating over 750 new technology jobs the news follows nationwide nationwide has also outlined its commitment to its home town of.

To apply for a national insurance number a department for work and pensions expert noticed a 'poorly made' holographic stamp and a missing watermark and donkor was arrested at her next job centre, a large number of cars parked in swindon had their tyres slashed over night it happened in the early hours on vehicles parked between swindon town centre and old town no matter how small should. A sympathetic ear and voice is behind a contact centre firm's decision to open its new funeral it has been supported by a 500 000 welsh government grant based on the number of jobs created