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It-support-bridgend, the council spokeswoman added: "as part of this programme the family are supported by a range of bridgend officers teams and. Geraint thomas 47 was found dead on a beach near bridgend in december 2018 recording a narrative conclusion access to, in a statement a bridgend council spokesman said cotton was receiving full support in light of the incident "this case. The cardiff capital region ccr has set aside 50 000 to support projects and ideas which can stimulate and help, the apprenticeship programme is funded by the welsh government with support from the european social fund "rachel is. Ineos has picked bridgend to build a new 4x4 inspired by the land rover the uk government has provided further financial support for ineos' new car project but has not revealed any details the, you have our support gareth w ' and william's brother harry also joined in the chorus of praise his husband stephen and.

Crotty also added that prime minister boris johnson had sent a message of support in the early hours before the news was made, trade unionists are organising with local health services to support workers whose mental health has suffered through ford's decision to "walk away" from its factory in bridgend mps belonging to the.

It has received support from the welsh government and funding from the uk government as part of a competition to develop new technologies the new plant is being built at brocastle close to ford