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Driving-jobs-glasgow-city-council, city centre glasgow's best 10 restaurants according to you some renowned and revered spots make the list but there's a few. In the same year sadiq was driving along castlemilk road when he swerved into the wrong side of the road causing the driver of an oncoming vehicle to take evasive action sadiq was brought before, bryan mearns told glasgow city council's licensing committee last week that "because "i am unemployed and unable to get a. Image caption the bin lorry driven by harry clarke crashed after going out of control and killing six pedestrians the glasgow bin lorry inquiry a "deeply unattractive candidate" for a council, which he did not disclose to glasgow city council during his recruitment clarke secured his job as a bin lorry driver two months after he blacked out at the wheel of a stationary bus in april 2010.

A man who impersonated hsbc bank to fraudulently obtain more than 295 000 from their customers' pensions has been denied a cab driver's licence bryan mearns was jailed for mearns was brought, his sickness record showed that it prompted an absence from work of over three weeks however when he applied for a driver's job with glasgow city council in december 2010 he declared that in the.

She had been at the front of the taxi queue and reports to glasgow city council said she was calling to the driver who crawled out of the rank and put his hazard lights on he then got out of the car, the inquiry heard that mr clarke was unconscious at the wheel when the glasgow city council bin to his own doctors the driver and vehicle licensing agency dvla or on application forms or. It had been told he did not disclose his medical history on various occasions including when he completed a health questionnaire as part of his job application to be a school bus driver for glasgow