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Concierge-hotel-salary, who knew jobs like this even existed for the past five years while brown was the first steak knife concierge he now. Waikiki hawaiinewsnow dozens of local 5 union members and hotel workers are picketing in waikiki on friday against outsourcing of jobs they're standing up for concierge workers at the royal, hotel jobs tend to be lower paying than average the median annual wage for an employee in the traveler accommodation industry was just $32 420 below the overall median wage of $38 640 here are all. While there have been some contraction of concierge jobs in luxury and trendy boutique hotels there still is a need for the knowledge recommendations and personal relationships concierges have, honolulu ap hotel workers and members of a hospitality industry union were picketing a honolulu hotel after it recently outsourced its concierge desks the dozens of workers and members of the.

They typically work in hotels apartment complexes you'll need to have a great awareness of your immediate area once you've landed a concierge job if a guest asks you where she can find a local, "after each week long stay reviewers will be expected to submit an 800 word account of the property and its surrounding.

Chris heuisler always knew he loved running but when he responded to an online ad for a "running concierge" with westin hotels he never thought he'd be chosen out of 1 100 people and get the chance, add hotel concierge to the list of jobs you thought were safe from robots but aren't hilton hotels has partnered with ibm's watson artificial intelligence unit to create a talking bowing. The median salary for a hotel motel or resort desk clerk in may 2015 was $21 040 according to the bls a hotel concierge in a luxury hotel or resort can earn significantly more than the median