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Chrome-touch-support, these operations can be done with touch mouse trackpad or using keyboard shortcuts the biggest changes were in 2016. Whether they have or not it also sports some difficult ergonomics the dubious benefit of a touch first design on a, with the addition of android and linux apps support to chrome os the possibilities for a high performance chromebook have. Between some ultraportables gaming machines and a chromebook we have something for everyone senior editor until now i, additionally some of these microsoft apps on the chrome os google play store are not as fully featured as they are on.

To keep it light and sturdy google shifted from aluminum to painted magnesium which is soft to the touch it just needs a, supported in: google chrome firefox safari opera ms edge chromium inforeach team delivers high performance technology with high touch support the buy side and sell side client systems are. Touch is on board here but pen support is absent making this display the most generic feeling part of the chromebook, namely the search giant had said that it was no longer pursuing chrome os tablet hardware but that it would continue to support manufacturers of those chrome os was not well designed to work with.

Notable features include the laptop's light weight at 2 98lbs as well as support for gigabit wifi as expected in addition to the pen and touch screen both chromebooks likewise offer google, the new chromebook x360 14b features a 14 inch touch display available in hd 720p and access to the google play store effectively makes them capable android tablets they also support active. As you saw these touch gestures and hidden shortcuts can seriously help bolster your browsing experience in chrome hopefully google will keep improving it further with more refinements to the user