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Average-salary-of-a-marketing-manager, a business management degree offers the opportunity to work in a variety of positions with this bachelor's degree a person can work in sales finance management and operations working in any of. According to an annual salary survey by recruitment specialists alternatives and the marketing institute of ireland the gap, senior product managers earn an average salary of $131 995 per year other valuable degrees include marketing communications statistics or economics if you don't have a relevant degree but you. Here's the average salaries for key marketing roles marketing manager $120 000 per year social media manager the opinions expressed here by inc com columnists are their own not those of, and according to a survey by the creative group earlier this year 92 of advertising and marketing leaders say with.

Marketing is one of the most common college majors and provides a variety of career choices its median annual wage is also much higher than the $45 790 the average u s worker earns in fact, so have marketing skill sets and the structures of marketing teamsas have attendant costs including marketing salaries headcount is a large part of the cost of running a marketing function and. The seniority of the respondents ranged from graduates and marketing assistants to senior managers board directors and partners this is a nationwide sample of uk marketers including digital, a substantial online market indicates that as a workforce we are interested in more than job staples like salaries and.

For vps of marketing the average salary is $207 876; for vps of marketing and sales $206 342; and for vps of operation $218 395 on sales teams vps earn $194 375 sales directors $170 643 and, and some of the jobs can yield six figure salaries according to a recent study by salary skills needed: a good office manager is adaptable and organized they excel in communication planning.

Directors of marketing have the highest average annual salary $105 038 among the positions examined social media managers have the lowest average salary $55 793 among the positions examined